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Mountain Bike Sale from UK's Number One Bike Shop

Providing mountain bikes throughout the UK, Factory Direct Bikes is one of the UK's largest and longest established online sites in it's category and offers the best deals to suit every budget. We pride ourselves on selling brand new goods at second hand prices meaning there really is something for everyone. Our site holds a section of clearance stock and a small range of second hand bicycles. With knowledgeable staff team members available to offer guidance and advice on the vast collection of bikes we sell, the option to 'try before you buy' and a guaranteed after service makes shopping with us a stress free experience.

Holding a massive range of discounted bikes, Factory Direct has brands such as Merida, Probike, Python, Claud Butler, Dawes, Scorpion and goods ranging from mountain bikes, BMX, racers and even power assisted, all sold at bargain prices.

Children's Bikes are available on the site and most of them can be located under any brand. Catering for children as young as 3 years old, little ones can enjoy the safety aspects of stabilizers on a bike the colour of their choice. From the Probike Wolf to the Falcon Blush, Factory Direct aims to provide a confidence building purchase to the keen new rider.

Choosing the right bike!

When choosing a mountain bike, people often have their own ideas of what they're looking for, whether it is the brand, colour, gears, design, or function. Luckily, Factory Direct Bikes are an online company with a wide range of mountain bikes available from high market brands to second hand bargains, available in all shapes and sizes.
The focus from Factory Direct Bikes is on providing quality customer service, and as part of this they offer 3 free services in the first year, as well as student discount and a variety of special offers and one-day or weekend bargains.
The main point to consider when buying a bike is what is more important to you; Are you more interested in the brand (and thus the suggested quality) of the bike, or its primary function?
In terms of brands, Factory Direct Bikes can supply mountain bikes from some of the UK's top manufacturers, including Merida and Claud Butler. The Merida bike range is not limited to mountain bikes, however, and in similar fashion to their Claud Butler and Falcon sections, is categorised by the style of bikes (such as Hybrid or Racing) and then their main use (like Trekking, Triathlon) or style (e.g. Full suspension or Flat Bar). Factory Direct Bikes provide great value bikes from all kind of quality brands so you can find exactly what you're looking for.
If the main purpose of the mountain bike is more important to you, then you may want to search by category. Full Suspension mountain bikes are more geared to comfort and increased traction for off-road rides, while Trail mountain bikes are geared more for cross-country riding with less severe terrains. Front Suspension mountain bikes and Rigid Fork mountain bikes are similar in that they don't have full suspension (suspension at the back), but although both are classed as hardtails, they differ in that Rigid Fork mountain bikes have no suspension at all, for a more traditional riding experience.
Factory Direct Bikes' mountain bike selection are all available for home delivery and are subject to Factory Direct Bikes' new 'Make me an offer' system which tries to help customers get the best value for their bikes, whether they're a Merida, Python, Dawes or Probike, or a Comfort mountain bike or your standard Front-suspension bike.

What bike is best for you!

The production of bikes has taken on many forms in the recent past and so many types of push bike have emerged that it is easy to get lost or confused when confronted with all the varieties. The decision of "which bike is best for me?" has never been so hard. However, with the help of Junction 27 Cycle Centre, we've developed a short guide to help you tell the difference and get on your way in choosing your next bike.
The most commonly used type of bike nowadays is the mountain bike. Mountain bikes are very versatile and are generally used off road. They have numerous gears and often have suspension to provide more comfort and aide on rougher terrains. Front suspension bikes are the standard, but Full Suspension bikes are also available if you don't mind sacrificing speed and lightness for comfort and traction. Trail mountain bikes are more specialised for longer distance cross-country cycling, while Rigid Fork mountain bikes, the pure hardtail, have no suspension for a faster, more traditional ride.
Racing bikes are designed to provide maximum speed on straight, hard surfaces and include lower riding positions. Racing bikes are primarily for racing and for use on roads, but Fitness Racing bikes, for example, take the features of Road Racing bikes and turn them into a more casual, exercise-based bike which is more geared on comfort than speed. Racing bikes can also be designed to fit certain rules or competitions, including Triathlon Racing bikes and Cyclo-Cross Racing bikes.
However, if you're wanting a bike more geared at commuting or an all-round bike then the more recent hybrid bikes may take your fancy. Hybrid bikes take features from Touring bikes (which have a focus on longevity over long distances), mountain bikes and racing bikes to provide an all-round great riding experience. Urban Hybrid bikes in particular are designed for use around cities and towns, while Sport Hybrid bikes focus more on speed and racing aspects. Front suspension and trekking hybrid bikes have more features of mountain bikes, making them as capable off road as they are in urban settings.
BMX bikes are designed for tricks, jumps and stunts, and so are shorter, more flexible and single-geared. The different styles of BMX bikes relate to their primary purposes ? Racing BMX bikes are for speed, Freestyle BMX bikes focus on jumps and stunts, Street BMX bikes are used to perform tricks and hops from a stationary position and while Dirt BMX bikes combines all three, racing over dirt tracks and jumps.
Other less prominent bikes styles include extreme bikes such as slalom bikes for more testing and off-road racing, folding bikes for distance commuter and they can be carried on trains, buses and in the back of cars, safer tricycles for a the less confident riders and tag-along or tandem bikes for sharing the riding experience with a partner or child. All of these bike types are available for home delivery from Factory Direct Bikes at great value affordable prices.
Factory Direct Bikes supply mountain bikes throughout the UK, we also supply, BMX bikes, kids mountain bikes, racing bikes and more. Our bikes range from full suspension to front suspension and all our mountain bikes are at a discounted rate.
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