Part of our better quality product range is made up of promotional bikes where we can confidentially offer a lower price. These prices are not usually available on the internet but do increase value for money.

26in Wheels with wide tyres, small frame size to allow for easy and fast turning, suspension forks. Usually running 7,8 or 9 gears, the chain being guided over the front chainring so it cannot come off. Gear ratios generally high, as most slalom bikes are used on grass or dirt descents weaving through a sequence of posts in much the same way that a slalom skier does.

Where Make me an offer is displayed make massive savings. Select the individual product, enter a price, as many times as you like and look for the cheapest price / biggest saving. If accepted simply add to cart and continue as normal. On these magnificent opportunities, subsidised carriage will be applied at £15

Some products may contain extra charges such as Carriage. To verify this, view the individual product

There are no products available for display. Please contact us if you are looking for a particular item - we may be able to help.

in detail, up to 3 products - tick to select
in detail, up to 3 products - tick to select

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